Spokane, Washington Area 501(c)3 Volleyball Club with teams ranging from U-12 to U-18 in age

Rivals Volleyball Club

We are . . .  your Rivals!!!


We are a Spokane, Washington area registered Not-for-Profit Volleyball Club open to all youth in the region. 

2018-19 will be the club's sixth full year. The game of volleyball is a personal passion for everyone involved at Rivals Volleyball Club and we strive to pass that love of the game along to the players that participate in this club.                                

Club contact information:

Director of Volleyball Competition: 

Dan Kilgore - (509) 389-5056; dkdoubledown@hotmail.com

Club Director: 

Jeff Ottmar - (509) 385-8889; jeff.ottmar@svn.com

Assistant Club Director: 

Lauren Nissen (425) 876-2808; laurennissen@gmail.com

Rivals Practice Gyms

Westwood Middle School - 6120 South Abbott Rd., Spokane, WA  99224


Snowdon Elementary School - 6323 South Holly Rd., Cheney, WA  99004

Team Results


U14 - Black 1st Place: Lights Out (January 12)
U14 - Red
U14 - Pink
U16 2nd place: Winter Warmup (January 20)

    Rivals now accepts Installment Payments and Donations

    by either Credit or Debit Cards through PayPal

    Installment Payments